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Sagunto: a city to travel back in time

Guided Tour of Sagunto The city, with more than two thousand years of history, treasures a great artistic and cultural legacy as a result of the cultures that have inhabited the region. The sites located in the mountainous area testify that the origin of Sagunto dates back to the Bronze Age. Its strategic location led... Continue Reading →

Ponds of Nules and Almenara

A community of lakes and landscapes The Valencian Community is full of ponds, lakes and charming places. These nature reserves are ideal to enjoy a day or a getaway to disconnect, always being aware of their fragility and the need to take care of them in order to continue visiting them for a long time.... Continue Reading →

Valencia city of cinema

A city of cinema The Valencian capital has been on countless occasions the setting for filming important films . The modernist architecture, the futuristic face of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, some of its historic squares and streets and places like La Albufera have not gone unnoticed on the big screen. Renowned... Continue Reading →

World Health Day

A day for health Since 1950, April 7 is celebrated as World Health Day , proclaimed by the World Health Assembly in 1948. This was driven by the need to raise awareness about the world's deadly diseases, as well as the importance of healthy habits. Year after year, a theme is chosen based on the... Continue Reading →

Live Vinaròs. A guided tour

A city with history Vinaròs is located in the northernmost part of the province of Castellón, a coastal town that stands out for its beaches and coves, its cultural heritage and its famous prawns. The origins of Vinaròs are uncertain. However, the first remains located in the Puig de la Misericòrdia date back to the... Continue Reading →

Discover Benicarló

Located on the Costa de Azahar , in the north of the province of Castellón, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by irrigated orchards, we find Benicarló. There is evidence that they already lived in this area in Iberian times . This is demonstrated by the remains of the towns of El... Continue Reading →

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Declared an international day by the United Nations December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities since 1992 when it was declared by the United Nations General Assembly. Disability is a concept that evolves over time. It has changed from a biomedical and rehabilitative model where they focused only on the vision of... Continue Reading →

Route through the Mysterious Valencia

Strange chills Have you ever walked past a place and noticed something strange? Many times events do not remain a mere fact, but remain where they happened. As events we can consider noise, strange apparitions , such as the one that was the first documented poltergeist in Spain and that took place in Valencia. Also... Continue Reading →

Route of the Tapa Marinera

Declared a site of cultural interest Valencia is linked to the Mediterranean Sea. The old maritime towns, now neighborhoods, are an example of this. That is why they are declared a Site of Cultural Interest and it is no wonder, they have their own idiosyncrasy that makes them special. A guided tour of the València... Continue Reading →

Guided tour Valencia Mare Nostrum

The sea of ​​the Romans Mare Nostrum was the name given by the Romans to the Mediterranean Sea. It became the most used means of transport reaching India and China. This seaway complemented the famous Roman roads, specifically Via Augusta which, with its 1,500 km long, was the longest causeway in Hispania and ran from... Continue Reading →

World Day of Valencian Paella

There are a lot of world days . Many of them refer to food such as the world day of spaghetti, waffle, pancake, omelette, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, peanut or honey, among many others. In the Valencian Community and specifically in Valencia we have Paella , an international dish and as a curious fact, it... Continue Reading →

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