Live Vinaròs. A guided tour

A city with history

Vinaròs is located in the northernmost part of the province of Castellón, a coastal town that stands out for its beaches and coves, its cultural heritage and its famous prawns.

The origins of Vinaròs are uncertain. However, the first remains located in the Puig de la Misericòrdia date back to the 6th century BC. Next to the site is the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Misericòrdia, from which the entire municipal area can be seen. The seaport has historical relevance, since it became the most important in the Mediterranean in the seventeenth century.

Nearby and accessible beaches

The main sandy beaches, El Fortí and Fora-Forat , are located near the city center and are accessible for people with reduced mobility from the long promenade. In addition, they have the distinction of blue flag.

The Clot beach, of smaller dimensions, is also adapted. The water covers little for several meters from the shore, so that everyone can enjoy a relaxing bath under the warm sun of the Mediterranean coast. All of them have amphibious chairs and adapted toilets .

Vinaròs seafront

A model historic center

The historic center offers cultural attractions that allow us to know in detail the past of the city accompanied by an official guide. Recently inclusive signage elements have been incorporated in order to turn the municipality into an accessible reference destination.

  • Cas to Ángel Giner and Casa Sendra: clear exponents of the Valencian modernist architecture of use residential, with three and four floors respectively.
  • Casa Membrillera Museum: Renaissance building built in 1652 that currently houses a permanent exhibition on the history of the main economic activities of Vinaròs: agriculture, fishing and commerce.
  • Church Arciprestal de Nuestra Lady of the Assumption: located in front of the Town Hall, it has Valencian Gothic features. Its spectacular baroque façade is striking, declared a Site of Cultural Interest and Historic Monument. The bell tower , 33 meters high, was used in its time as a defense and surveillance point for maritime attacks.

Church Historical Center

A gastronomy of rice, fish and seafood

What better way to get into the local gastronomy than dedicating a section of our route to visit the Municipal Market ? The authentic gastronomic products of the region have been marketed there since 1929. Nowadays it also offers restaurant offers.

Fish, shellfish and rice form the basis of the local cuisine, however, the

langos ti n o de Vinaròs is the local product par excellence.

This delicacy known for its exquisite texture and quality can be enjoyed in various ways: grilled, with rice or sautéed with mushrooms and garlic are just a few examples.

Idea l to end our experience with the best taste in your mouth!

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