Protocols and security measures for the resumption of guided tours

Confidence and tranquility are back

After Covdi 19, confidence and tranquility are even more essential for the development of tourist activity.

At Volem València we are clear about it, that is why we are going to follow the protocols and measures so that resumption of visits does not pose a risk of community contagion. This protocol has been agreed between the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Autonomous Communities and has counted on the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, which has developed this tool to help tourist guides to identify and evaluate the risks in the provision of their service, as well as the implementation of best practices in it.

Some of the measures that we find are:

  • The guide must be informed and trained on preventive measures for health and hygiene risks in the development of their activity.
  • The guide must inform the group of how the visit will be carried out, the route and the rules and / or possible restrictions applied by the various providers (museums, monuments, natural spaces, etc. )
  • Avoid forms of greeting that involve physical contact
  • The guide qualification must be visible and sanitized .
  • The guide must disinfect their hands during the visit with hydro-alcoholic solution and always carry a bottle in case a client requests it.
  • Avoid distribution of printed material such as maps, brochures. If this is not possible, they must be laminated and easy to clean
  • Respect the planned schedule to avoid incidents. Avoid crowds in narrow streets or at the access to the monument.
  • Maintain the safety distance between the guide and the clients during the tour.
  • Avoid the use of cash and prioritize the use of the card or other electronic means or prior payment on the web. In the event that it is effective, wash or disinfect your hands as soon as possible.
  • The determination and implementation of a action protocol in the event that a client with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 is observed, following in any case the guidelines of the health authorities.

The complete protocol guide can be found here:

https: // www. 19 / GuiasSectorTurismo / Guias_de_turismo.pdf

At the same time, we have to take into account the guidelines set by the BOE in Order SND / 458/2020 , of May 30, for the easing of certain restrictions of national scope established after the declaration of the state of alarm in application of phase 3 of the Plan for the transition towards a new normal .

We are going to specifically point out how Volem València affects us.

Tour guide activity

The tourist guide activity is allowed under the conditions provided in the following sections:

  • These activities will preferably be arranged by prior appointment and the groups will be of a maximum of twenty people . During the development of the activity, traffic through areas or places likely to generate agglomerations will be avoided.
  • The safety and hygiene measures established by the health authorities for the prevention of COVID-19 must be respected, and, in particular, those relating to the maintenance of a minimum safety distance of, at least , two meters, or failing that, the use of alternative physical protection measures, in accordance with the provisions of Order SND/422/2020, of May 19.
  • During the development of the activity it will not be possible to supply audio guides, brochures or other similar material.

Many of our routes and experiences include visits to Museums, Monuments and other cultural facilities. As well as sports, cultural and recreational activities in nature. Therefore, it is also convenient to know the following articles :


  • All museums may host both public visits to the collection and temporary exhibitions, as well as cultural or educational activities.
  • The allowed capacity for each of its rooms and public spaces will be reduced to fifty percent .
  • Activities that take place in the museum’s collection rooms or exhibitions, and that involve grouping of attendees , such as Guided visits , talks about pieces or other similar ones, may be suspended until all the phases foreseen in the Plan for the de-escalation of the extraordinary measures adopted to face the COVID-19 pandemic are passed.
  • Visits may be groups of up to twenty people , as long as the interpersonal safety distance of two meters is maintained. The occupation of fifty percent of its authorized capacity will be allowed, provided that the available spaces allow respecting the aforementioned interpersonal safety distance.

Monuments and other cultural facilities

  • Monuments and other cultural facilities will be accessible to the public provided that visits do not exceed half the authorized capacity. Those responsible for the properties will only allow individual visits, those of cohabitants or groups of up to twenty people, avoiding the performance of parallel activities or complementary activities unrelated to the visit itself. In no case may other cultural activities other than visits take place in them.
  • The capacity limit will be controlled both in the sale at the box office and in the online sale of tickets, as well as by the customer service services. To do this, if necessary, each monument or cultural facility will make a maximum number of tickets available to the public by time slots . When the characteristics of the property imply that the restriction of the capacity to half does not allow compliance with the recommended distance, the application of the safety distance interpersonal will prevail as a criterion to determine the maximum allowed capacity.

Active tourism and sports, cultural and recreational activities in nature

  • It will be possible to carry out active tourism and nature activities for groups of a maximum of up to ten people , by companies registered as active tourism companies in the corresponding competent administration, under the conditions provided in the following sections. These activities will be arranged, preferably, by appointment.
  • The natural spaces located in the province or territorial unit of reference, those sports, cultural or recreational activities that are regulated in this order may be carried out.
  • Active tourism activities may not be carried out in establishments or premises intended for this activity, whose common areas must remain closed to the public, except those corresponding to the reception area and, where appropriate , toilets and changing rooms, which must have disinfectant soap for hand washing and / or hydro-alcoholic gels or disinfectants with virucidal activity authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health.
  • In the activities the interpersonal safety distance of two meters will be guaranteed. When the safety distance cannot be maintained, the appropriate protective equipment for the level of risk must be used. The equipment necessary to facilitate the activity will be disinfected in accordance with the hygienic-sanitary measures established after each use by the client.
  • The competent authorities may adopt restrictive measures in access to natural areas within their competence, particularly in protected natural areas , when they consider that there is a risk of agglomeration formation. Said measures will include, among others, the control of the capacity of the car parks, rest areas and interpretation centers, as well as the paths and access points, as well as the reinforcement of surveillance in matters of protection of the natural environment. “

You can consult all the information in the following links:
http: //www.dogv /data/2020/06/20/pdf/2020_4770.pdf


RESOLUTION of December 5, 2020, of the Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, by which extraordinary additional measures are agreed in the Valencian Community, as a result of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19. 2020/9360

You can consult the full document here:

Regarding the Measures related to tourist guide activities, groups will be of a maximum of 15 people.

This resolution takes effect on December 10.

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