Differences between exclusion, segregation, integration and inclusion

Exclusion, segregation, integration and inclusion can be used in the same context, but their meaning is different between them.

We are going to see each one what they mean and how to apply it in tourism.


The exclusion starts from the idea that there are “normal” people and others who are not. Consequently, people with functional diversity are left out of society by not considering themselves “normal”.

From this perspective, terms such as disabled, disabled, handicapped, invalid and all the words that imply that having a disability is being considered inferior , losing basic rights and not being a part of the society. That is why at Volem Valencia we avoid this term since we do not consider that there are “normal” people and others who are not. We are all people.


Segregate means separate, separate someone from something or one thing from another. In this way, segregationism separates, excludes and separates groups such as women, racial minorities, religious minorities and people with disabilities from rest of the population with arguments of a sexual, racial, religious, or ideological nature.

Regarding tourism, it would be to refer to travel, experiences only for some groups . We disagree with this idea , since we do not want to separate anyone. If not, on the contrary, being able to travel anyone regardless of their abilities.


The idea of ​​”normality” is maintained, but it is considered that people who manage to adapt will be considered part of society . The more rehabilitated and “normal” she is, the more integrated she will be. Regarding the values ​​of Volem València, starting from the idea that we do not consider that someone is normal and another is not , we also try to avoid this concept.

 Inclusion is everyone's right


This term is sometimes confused with integration. However, inclusion goes a bit further . Inclusion is associated with the ability of people to accept the other and live in harmony accepting differences . If the same society promotes inclusive environments, barriers do not exist and all people are included, since they have the same opportunities.

Inclusion does not focus on the disability or diagnosis of the person. It focuses on your capabilities. It is based on the principles of fairness and cooperation . Inclusion accepts everyone as they are, recognizing each person’s individual characteristics without trying to bring them closer to a “normalized” model of being, thinking and acting. Heterogeneity is understood as normal. Therefore, the recognition and appreciation of diversity as a human right is proposed.

For inclusive tourism

At Volem Valencia we promote inclusive tourism where everyone with our different capacities and needs can take part and enjoy the right to leisure time .

The Accessible tourism is one that meets access conditions, however inclusive tourism is one that is planned , manages and offer thinking about the profiles of tourists with different needs and it is offered to all citizens . Accessibility is one of the necessary conditions of an inclusive environment.

Tourism is important whose main objective is to create tourist spaces so that each person can enjoy them, promoting equal opportunities and inclusion , through accessible tourism for all people under the same conditions without any distinction, accepting diversity and different needs.

To move forward, we all need to get involved, and in this way we will make tourism inclusion a reality. There is still much to do , but little by little we will achieve it.

At Volem Valencia we will always be there to do our bit. Our dream is that one day we will stop talking about accessible tourism and then we will simply talk about tourism, as a fundamental right of all people.

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