Holidays for people with disabilities

If you want a different route or experience, just tell us your preferences. With our resources and possibilities (trips to the moon we do not offer yet) we will design a tailor-made experience that suits your needs. We have, if needed, sign language interpreters and support people for people with low vision.


Tourism for people with disabilities

“Where to eat?”  If you tell us  your preferences, we will find you good places that suits your needs and that leaves a good taste in your mouth.


accessible trips and activities

If you need transport from one place to another, don’t worry, we can advise you on how to get there according to your needs and help you with the management. As in the cycle routes, we can inform you of different bicycle, handbike and scooter rental companies so that you can find the transport that best suits your preferences.



 We use inclusive communication, being aware of the different needs of the people who participate in tourist activities.

For example, in people with hearing difficulties, we use more visual resources, more signage, we vocalize for those who can read lips. That is, we adapt to the capacities of different people.

On the other hand, when we talk about people with visual diversity, we can use tangible resources, more detailed descriptions and, of course, communication in Braille. We also ensure that the routes are free of any obstacle or barrier that hinders their passage.

For people with cognitive diversity we use clear, simple and understandable language, always avoiding that the language is childish, which facilitates the enjoyment of visits.

All routes are made for all people, taking into account the needs of each one.



Many tourism companies (or related to it) have a biased view of disability and, due to ignorance, tend to think and fall into the error of solving accessibility with a simple ramp, or an approved lift, as if “people with disabilities” were the only wheelchair users.

There are many other types of disability that must be addressed, in addition to physical mobility, such as visual impairment, hearing or cognitive disability, blind or low vision people, among others. It is not about creating categories with the different capacities of each one. We understand that we are all people with the right to enjoy tourism . And let’s not forget that any of us may find ourselves in a similar situation at any given time.


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