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Meaning of the Volem Valencia Logo

VOLEM is Let’s Fly and We Want

Let’s fly: fly, travel, discover and enjoy Valencia and the Valencian Community is one of our goals.

We want to make the Valencian Community known and have good and enriching experiences.

We are official guides and we want to make it easier for you to know the most unusual. Those who think: “I have passed here and I had not noticed this detail …”

We show it to you in a pleasant, participatory, welcoming and accessible way. All people with different needs can participate in the activities.

And if you are still looking for something different, send us your request and we will provide you with a tailor-made experience . Traveling is a right of all people.

Story behind the name and logo

One of the most important decisions company makes is the choice of its name.

It’s like naming a child because the name is attache to the person throughout their live, so you have to take some time to think it over .

It is also the first interaction that the public will have with the company, so it is very important that this interaction a pleasant and positive.

Shuffling names

I got down to work and began seeing different names, checking what that they were or not, writing words, deleting and writing again.

I spent a long time with the process . One day, I was talking to my sister in my native language when I uttered the word volem (referring to flying). Specifically, I said something like “why not fly to Tenerife” This statement referred to a trip that we were organizing in the Canary Islands . Curiously, the next minute I saw a video of a protest from  the Cabañal neighborhood of Valencia and the  motto was “Volem a dignified square” (We want a dignified square).

In weeks following the revelation, I thought about the  “Volem” some more: Volem in Spanish means let’s fly and we want. I figured it was not a bad point. It is a local word so it gives it its own character. Also, in Spanish it doesn’t sound so bad either and implies something of flying, traveling . More importantly, it also transmits positive values ​​such as freedom, autonomy, strength, happiness.

A flight school in Catalonia already had the name “Volem”, so it needed a “last name” What better for it than Valencia:  It is where we are located and most guided tours are in the city itself. Also our routes through the Valencian Community leave from here (although we always give the possibility of other points). It is for all this that we saw this word convenient to accompany Volem.

Putting it to the test

We shared Volem Valencia along with a selection of twenty more names with about thirty different people for feedback.

The winner was Volem Valencia.

With this name we wanted to imply that we want people to fly , have a beautiful experience in Valencia and throughout the Valencian community. There are many unique and  accessible sites that are unknown and our goal is to ensure that you can experience them.

The logo

Once the name had been chosen, it was necessary to “design” it, endow it with strength. We engaged a design company and after several meetings, we decided a final logo concept: a compass . A symbol that plays with the two Vs for Volem and Valencia. The compass symbolizes freedom, exploring so that you can choose the path (experience, route) you want to live and at the same time we are guiding you with the guided tours in order to help you with your exploration experience.

The elevated O refers to flying and the values ​​we mentioned before promoting autonomy and accessibility to travel.

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