World bicycle Day

What do drugs and a university professor have to do with the origin story of World Bicycle Day? We find out below. First we are going to talk a little about the why of world days.

Where do world days come from?

The UN declares world days with the objective of raising awareness, sensitizing and pointing out important and pending issues in society, so that governments are aware of this and take the necessary measures.

The bicycle is an important means in urban mobility. It is a clean, comfortable, fast and sustainable transport.

However, in many cases it is the forgotten transport. Greater awareness of the benefits of cycling is still needed. That is why it has its international day.

A clean and economical environment

 Handbike on the beach The bike is a clean and ecological environment. Contributes to environmental management. It is a way of exercising improving our health. However, the first date to commemorate his day was not exactly very healthy.

It was April 19, 1943 when the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann </ strong> was experimenting with LSD and to see what effects he had he decided to ingest some. At first he didn’t notice anything, but on his bike ride home he began to experience the effects of this substance. This “bicycle trip” is only part of the reason why International Bicycle Day began to be celebrated on April 19.

A very celebrated trip

The second part has to do with the action of Thomas B. Roberts , a professor at the University of Northern Illinois who came up with the idea in 1985 to celebrate with his students one day bike commemorating Hofmann’s spirited journey . With the passage of time and with the help of the Internet, the day became international.

This day was celebrated until 2018 when the UN decided to set June 3 as the official date of the bicycle since it did not see it coherent that healthy transport had to do with this story. This day is intended to promote the use of this medium suitable for all Humanity. An alternative to other polluting media that serves to alleviate the effects of climate change and traffic congestion. We want to convey a positive message to promote sustainable consumption and production.

Life is like riding a bicycle

 Handbike on the seafront ” Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep moving “said the physicist Albert Einstein . This phrase not only interprets the literal movement of the bicycle, but also how we face each day, trying to find stability in our lives. The relationship between the bicycle and its user encourages creativity and social participation .

It is a way of life and also a way of traveling and getting to know a place. At Volem Valencia we are aware of all the benefits of cycling and that is why we want to encourage its use through bike paths . We have several routes such as a guided visit to València, to the Mare Nostrum : a route where we We delve into the history, gastronomy and traditional architecture of the Maritime Towns.

Nature Experiences

We also have several nature experiences in the province of Castellón. A tour of the Via Verde del Mar Oropesa i Benicàssim where we will go between the Sierra Oropesa and the Mediterranean Sea along the old railway line, with canyons, illuminated tunnels, metal bridges and the exclusive biodiversity that only exists here. There is also the Cicloruta by Estanys Almenara i Nules, which begins with the Marjal de Almenara, designated wetland of international importance for its biodiversity, a benchmark throughout the Valencian Community.

In the afternoon we will go to l’Estany de Nules, considered the little brother of Albufera de València . We do not want anyone to be left without being able to enjoy these routes, so in the case of needing a handbike, we work together with suppliers to offer the rental service of this transport.

We hope you enjoy this day and that we will soon find ourselves riding one of our cycle routes.

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