Route through the Mysterious Valencia

Strange chills

Have you ever walked past a place and noticed something strange?

Many times events do not remain a mere fact, but remain where they happened. As events we can consider noise, strange apparitions , such as the one that was the first documented poltergeist in Spain and that took place in Valencia. Also chilling facts like murders and disappearances.

Many times these sensations can be noticed with a mere chill, hidden symbols on the facades, or signs left by the characters of the stories such as the executioners before undertaking their work.

Other times we do not have physical remains of them, but the legends that have been passed from generation to generation in families and that have survived to this day. Many of them documented through cinema and literature . Others have remained in our memory because our grandparents told us about them and theirs in turn.

Hidden stories

València, like other cities, has lights and shadows, a mysterious and dark part . Stories and legends hide behind buildings, stones and tombstones. Many of these elements are sometimes overlooked. We pass by and do not realize that it is there.

In this guided tour we will solve many of these mysteries . Surely on more than one occasion they will say the phrases: “I’ve been here more than once and I didn’t know this was here”, or “I always wondered what this would mean”.

This unknown Mysterious Valencia we will discover through this guided tour where we also combine theater and music to set the scene and move to another era, other times, and feel that we are within the stories themselves.

We don’t want to reveal much about this guided tour because if you didn’t, the charm of the mystery would be lost. We just leave you with the images so that you can get an idea of ​​what you can find in this surprising visit to the The Mysterious Valencia that will surely not leave anyone indifferent.


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