The Mysterious Valencia

Excursión a La Valencia Misteriosa

Información Valencia y sus misterios

Sometimes the dead do not rest in peace and refuse to go to the afterlife. Somehow they try to communicate with the living by manifesting as ghosts, goblins, apparitions or poltergeists . On this route we will learn more about their mysterious stories.

Horario Valencia y sus misterios

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Approximate duration 2 hours approx

Punto de encuentro ruta de los misterios

Meeting point in Torres de Serrano

Precio actividad Valencia y sus leyendas

€ 12 per person

Check group rates (More than 10 people)

VAT included

Children up to 12 years free.

Se necesita reserva previa

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tour Valencia misteriosa

About the Mysterious Valencia route

For those of us from this wonderful land , or we have family ties, or we have lived here for a long time, we are not surprised to hear about unlikely stories. In the Valencian Community there will be more or less macabre events than in other places of the Spanish geography, but what we can assure is that everything related to the “mysterious Valencia” is very familiar to us.

From childhood our grandparents were fond of telling legends and ghost stories on cold winter nights next to the heat of the “allar”, and we listened to them absorbed and without blinking. Those stories also ran from one to another on summer nights at family dinners with our cousins, or having a “sandwich” dinner with friends in the church square.

Myths or legends

Today we distinguish between what is a myth and a legend, and we understand that the myth refers to a whole system of religious beliefs such as the Greek or Nordic religion with its god Zeus, or Odin respectively, and all his band of heroes, gods and demigods, of course. And then the legend is rather relegated to telling supernatural stories , events that are out of the ordinary and that can be framed in a very specific historical moment.

But the truth is that many times the limits between myth and legend do dilute, however the word “mythos” etymologically means just that, legend, fable. And all this introduces into our culture more open ways of thinking , explanations of the inexplicable. It opens our minds to the existence of magic, and ultimately to that “ Mysterious Valencia ”.

Mysterious Valencia Tour

The guided route through this Valencia full of mysteries covers the main corners that were the protagonists of the incredible, we will know the places where mysterious events took place and the vestiges that still remain. But the curious reader does not ask us to reveal its content, the surprise has to be part of the visit , we have to be respectful of the mystery and allow ourselves to be surprised.

That does not mean that, in this space dedicated to the mystery stories of the city of Valencia , we stop referring to strange events that occurred throughout the Valencian Community. And who knows if in the near future we will organize similar guided tours in Castellón, Alicante or in other towns and cities that also have, of course, their own legends waiting to be told . Let’s point out some examples:

  • Stories of love beyond death. Niche 1501 of the Valencia cemetery.
  • Strange rituals in the Domeño cemetery.
  • Paranormal events in the so-called “House of Noises”. Cornudilla .
  • What happens at the Balma sanctuary? Why do they call it the sanctuary of the demoniac?
  • Shocking stories of Cheste ‘s old abandoned asylum.
  • The legend of the Côte del Ragudo (our particular girl on the curve). Castellón.
  • The porlstergeist phenomena of Xirivella with police witnesses.
  • Don Juan Gil de Cabrera (1746), a Valencian vampire hunter .

And so we could continue naming many more events, characters, stories and legends that are from our land, and that belong to our culture.

If you want to know a little more about this route, you can consult the blog entry Ruta València Misteriosa. < / a>


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