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Guided tour Valencia Mare Nostrum

The sea of ​​the Romans Mare Nostrum was the name given by the Romans to the Mediterranean Sea. It became the most used means of transport reaching India and China. This seaway complemented the famous Roman roads, specifically Via Augusta which, with its 1,500 km long, was the longest causeway in Hispania and ran from... Continue Reading →

World Day of Valencian Paella

There are a lot of world days . Many of them refer to food such as the world day of spaghetti, waffle, pancake, omelette, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, peanut or honey, among many others. In the Valencian Community and specifically in Valencia we have Paella , an international dish and as a curious fact, it... Continue Reading →

Excursion to Santa Pola

A route through Santa Pola Santa Pola, an ideal city to spend the day and enjoy nature in its various forms. We invite you to visit our route through Santa Pola . The city is located just 12 km from Elche , which makes it ideal to take advantage of and visit various destinations in... Continue Reading →

World bicycle Day

What do drugs and a university professor have to do with the origin story of World Bicycle Day? We find out below. First we are going to talk a little about the why of world days. Where do world days come from? The UN declares world days with the objective of raising awareness, sensitizing and… Continue Reading →

May 18. International Museum Day

Importance of interculturality Since 1977, May 18 is celebrated International Museum Day (IMD) with the participation of around 37,000 museums spread over more than 158 countries. The main objective is to raise awareness about the importance of interculturality in museums as facilitators of collaboration and peace between different cultures. This day was chosen and not… Continue Reading →

Why Volem Valencia

I ask myself that every morning when I wake up and start the day with enthusiasm and determination. And I have it clear, and I promise to tell it in this post very soon.

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