Guided tour of the historic center of Valencia

A route through the historic center of València

València is a city that has a great historical center where you can move in a matter of minutes to different times making a journey through our culture, traditions and, ultimately, through the life of our ancestors.

At Volem Valencia we carry out guided tours of the historic center such as the one we did as a tribute to the Essential Services Personnel who were working during the confinement. Organized by the City Council in collaboration with the Guides Association and of which we are part.

It is our way of thanking all the work done by these professionals. At the same time it was a perfect opportunity for the inhabitants of Valencia to get to know and discover their own city.

The route begins

The visit begins at the Town Hall Square where the origin of the square and the buildings that make it up are explained. Many times we pass in front of a building, we only look at the façade, on the outside, but behind each one, hides a story , an experience that is worth remembering.

From there we go to the Market Square where we show the Central Market , the largest in Europe specialized in fresh products and where some Legends such as the famous Mercat Parrot and some of them reflected in the cinema . In front of the Central Market we have the Lonja de la Seda , a World Heritage Site, the greatest exponent of Valencian civil Gothic and a clear example of the importance of the city in the XV century, its Golden Age.

We continued our way to Plaza la Reina , but before that we stopped to see some curiosities such as the narrowest facade in Europe .

We surround the Cathedral from the outside, discovering the different architectural styles that make it up and discovering details that often go unnoticed. Of those you say:

“How many times have I been here and I didn’t know this was there”.

We were at the point where the city in Roman times was founded and we learned more about our origin. Nearby is one of the mysteries that make up the history of Valencia related to supernatural apparitions . Finally we finished at the Torres de Serrano , witness of the passage of time where we met the origin of the expression “Estar a la Luna de Valencia” . In addition, La Crida takes place here every year where is welcomed Las Fallas, a World Heritage Site and the festival the most important in the city .

The historic center of València is spectacular and offers endless experiences and stories that do not leave anyone indifferent. At Volem Valencia we want to make it known in all its aspects in a way that is fully accessible to all people. For them we have visits of different themes .

If you want more information about how to book these guided tours, you want a general tour of the historic center. Where to know a little about everything or have another preference, you can consult our routes on the web or write to us at

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