World Day of Valencian Paella

There are a lot of world days . Many of them refer to food such as the world day of spaghetti, waffle, pancake, omelette, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, peanut or honey, among many others.

In the Valencian Community and specifically in Valencia we have Paella , an international dish and as a curious fact, it is the most searched dish on the Internet in Spain and the fourth in the world, surpassing spaghetti, hamburgers, couscous or sandwiches.

So he could not be without a world day. In 2018 it was decided to dedicate a day to paella with the aim of sharing our most international recipe with the whole world. Tradition and culture united in this dish that is part of our origins.

World paella day

Why is the World Day of Valencian Paella in September?

It is intended to make it visible, give prestige and raise it to the level of an international emblem. And why was it decided on September 20 specifically? This date was decided by coinciding with a key moment in the cultivation of the fundamental ingredient of paella: rice. It is time for your harvest . In addition, during September the Rice Harvest Festival coincides in the Albufera Natural Park, the MadeinCV Rice Days in Valencia, the Paella Congress or the Sueca International Paella Competition.

Thus, as of 2018, September 20 is officially known as World Paella Day and with its own hashtag, #worldpaelladay. The logo of this gastronomic event consists of a paella, inside which the colors of the Senyera and the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea are arranged in a way that they trace the number 20.

The Paella. An international dish

The various possibilities offered by its preparation together with its power, have made paella a dish of great global relevance . It is one of the most important when it comes to the export of ingredients and utensils to cook it.

At Volem Valencia, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the experience to cook and eat a Valencian paella made with freshly picked garden produce.

Depending on the province, the population or even the family itself, different ingredients are put into it and now comes the star question:

Which is the correct paella or which is not? Actually, the best paella is the one we share with the people we love.
Enjoy the day of paella

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