La Pobla del Duc, a place to discover

La Pobla del Duc, a place to discover.

La Pobla del Duc located in the south of the province of Valencia, in the region of Vall d’Albaida or, as they say in Arabic, Vall la Blanca, due to the color of its land.

It is a little known population, but no less interesting and important for that.

The guided tour we do combines history and nature . It lasts two hours and approximately half where we can see farmhouses from the Muslim period, traditional constructions of the 18th and 19th centuries and some of the best shelters anti-aircraft of the civil war < strong> conserved throughout the Valencian Community.

There are two types of shelters

pobla del duc air raid shelters

There are generally two types of shelters: civil and military. The civilians were those who were located within the towns, such as the school shelters in the Valencia city council building.

On the other hand, the military , were located outside the population specifically in the vicinity of the airfields.

In the case of the Pobla del Duc , they were next to the Micena aerodrome, which was part of the defense of the position Yuste ” in the surroundings of Petrer, where the republican government presided over by Negrín took refuge between February 25 and March 6, 1939.

Two shelters built by about a thousand men from the Republican army during the spring of 1938 are preserved: the one in Pla de Micena with a capacity for 70 people. Located below the Coronel’s house and next to Gandía’s royal road, a road that at the time was one of the most important that linked the city with Madrid.

The second shelter, called the Upper House, housed up to 40 people and was located next to this building that served as accommodation for auxiliary troops during the civil war.

This guided tour is much more than entering the shelters

This guided tour is much more than entering the shelters, since we are accompanied throughout the route of farm fields , so it is a special and unique route. It will never be the same to do it in May, in August or in October. Each era has its charm and a different landscape.

Another very interesting thing about La Pobla del Duc is that it is located between Ontinyent where the Vall d’Albaida museum is located, Xàtiva and Gandia what makes it ideal to combine both guided tours. In addition, the name of the town is related to the most universal Valencian family: The Borgia.

La Pobla del Duc is located close to towns of great interest:

Albaida in Iberian remains in La Covalta, located on the outskirts of the town. It also preserves the remains of a Muslim wall, two wells and bases of old towers. In addition to having the International Puppet Museum.

In Bocairent we have the medieval neighborhood that preserves the roads from the Arab period. It also has the oldest bullring in the entire Valencian Community. Here we propose an unforgettable experience, a I saw a balloon ride where you can contemplate the landscape from above.

Llutxent place where the first University of the old Kingdom of Valencia was when Pope Sixtus IV gave it this privilege in 1474. Located in what is now the Corpus Christi convent.

It is also cradle of great artists such as the singer Nino Bravo who was born in Aielo de Malferit . Like important figures such as Inés, the first Valencian woman declared blessed in Beniganim .

This area is known in addition to textiles, for glass . We have one of the greatest exponents in Ollería . We propose an experience in this town to discover how this surprising material is worked through a route through “the soul of glass”.

They have more information on this website in the experiences section and rutas . If you want a customized guided tour or have any questions, you can contact us by sending an email to:

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