Ponds of Nules and Almenara

A community of lakes and landscapes

The Valencian Community is full of ponds, lakes and charming places. These nature reserves are ideal to enjoy a day or a getaway to disconnect, always being aware of their fragility and the need to take care of them in order to continue visiting them for a long time.

The Municipal Site of les Rodanes and the Bosquet de Moixent in Valencia or the Natural Sites of the Nules and Almenara ponds in Castellón are perfect examples of the natural jewels that our community houses. In this article we will delve into the wonderful natural spaces of the province of Castellón .

Casablanca ponds and beach

Municipal Natural Area of ​​l’Estany de Nules

Located in the municipality of Nules and declared a Natural Site by the Generalitat in 2004 , it is a freshwater lagoon formed by the abundance of water from the marsh. It is located a few meters from the beach and constitutes an extraordinary refuge for certain species of birds , which is why it represents a valuable migratory space during winter for food and rest.

The park has a observation point accessible to all people , the perfect place to enjoy the sighting and the sound that the birds give us. Native and common species of this type of ecosystems stand out, such as the mallard, the halibut, the cormorant or the common coot. The area also offers a large number of picnic areas and benches where you can make a stop in a pleasant environment and recharge your batteries.

 Picnic area in the shade

Els Estanys de Almenara: Inclusive Green Route

The municipality of Almenara, in the Plana Baixa region and about 30 minutes from Valencia, surprises us with this charming place. Considered Place of Community Interest and Flora Microreserve , it is made up of three large lagoons whose water comes mainly from the nearby Sierra de Espadán. There is evidence that rice cultivation has been carried out in the area since the beginning of the 19th century.

This space has easy access and guarantees a pleasant day of leisure, disconnection and contact with the natural environment. It has an extensive parking area, a bar-restaurant, a picnic area, rest areas and several viewpoints for wildlife observation. Today it is considered one of the most important wetlands in the Valencian area due to the great biodiversity it houses, favored by its natural conditions.

 Duck pair

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