Valencia in Roman Times

The bond between Valencia and Rome is deeply ancient: the Spanish city was founded by the Romans in 138 BC and was named Valentia, which means “brave”. In fact the third biggest city of Spain showed to be an energetic and powerful political and strategic site even if it all started when it was a small... Continue Reading →

Women in the history of 20th century

  Valencia owes part of her freedom and history to women who, during the 20th Century, tried to fight to be part of the political, intellectual and artistic scenery. They were women engaged in politics, like, for example, Clara Campoamor, member of the Radical Party, who fought to give women the right to vote. At that... Continue Reading →

Ponds of Nules and Almenara

A community of lakes and landscapes The Valencian Community is full of ponds, lakes and charming places. These nature reserves are ideal to enjoy a day or a getaway to disconnect, always being aware of their fragility and the need to take care of them in order to continue visiting them for a long time.... Continue Reading →

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